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How to Achieve Success with Sweet Potato Farming in Kenya

Success is not always assured for many poultry farmers in Kenya. There are many reasons for this. Some enter into the venture without good knowledge of the right varieties to plant, the best time to plant or the local market conditions. There are some farmers who venture into sweet potato farming in Kenya without even knowing how to do the actual planting in itself. While it is good to take risks, blind risks can be costly. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you are planning to venture into sweet potato production in Kenya:-

Know the Right Varieties of Sweet Potato to Plant

There are three main types of sweet potatoes that are consumed in Kenya. These include the yellow fleshed and purple skinned sweet potato varieties, the white fleshed and white skinned sweet potato varieties and the orange fleshed sweet potato varieties. There is a small niche market for the white skinned and white fleshed variety of sweet potatoes. However, the one that is most consumed by the populace and which is also the most commercially viable is the yellow fleshed and purple skinned sweet potato variety shown below. Increasingly, the orange fleshed sweet potato (OFSP) variety is also gaining popularity. But if you are planning to grow your sweet potatoes for money, go for the yellow fleshed variety which is easily sold locally.

Yellow Fleshed Sweet Potatoes in Kenya
Yellow Fleshed Sweet Potatoes

Procure Quality Sweet Potato Vines

The quality of vines that you plant can make a huge difference. Poor quality vines are going to lead to poor quality yields and subsequently, losses in your sweet potato venture. Choose sweet potato vines that are young and clean. Ideally, you should plant sweet potato vines that are two months old as these tend to be quite vigorous, clean, pest-free, wilt-free and disease free. They will therefore lead to bumper harvest.

Sweet Potato Vines in Kenya
Sweet Potato Vines in Kenya

Prepare land and mounds well

Land preparation will make a huge a difference in your success as a sweet potato farmer. As we have stated in previous posts, land should be prepared in advance before the onset of the rains to allow the weeds to dry and rot out during the dry seasons. However, the mounds should be prepared on the day of the planting or at least a few days before planting to allow for easy insertion of vines deep into the soil.

Sweet Potato Mounds
Sweet Potato Mounds

Planting the right way

When planting sweet potatoes, make sure that you space them correctly and that the vines are inserted deep into the mounds. The mounds should also be deep enough. Wrong planting techniques often lead to lower yields from your sweet potato farm.

Planting sweet potatoes in Kenya
Planting sweet potatoes in Kenya

Weeding on time

Weeds can significantly reduce the yields of your sweet potato harvest. It is, therefore, advisable to weed your sweet potatoes early on before they take root in the soil. Do it at 6-8 weeks and continue doing in case they re-emerge in the subsequent weeks.

Planting at the right time

If you plant early enough when other farmers are not planting, you will harvest your sweet potatoes when there is less supply in the market and you can therefore fetch very good market prices for a bag of sweet potatoes. Ideally, do it from October to December if there are good rains. But you can always plant your sweet potatoes at any time of the year as long as there are good rains.

Planted sweet potato vines after a few weeks
Planted sweet potato vines after a few weeks

Know your market

The main market for sweet potatoes in Kenya is in Nairobi and it is important to be in tune with the prevailing market prices so that you can harvest when the prices are higher. Price per 100Kg to 110Kg of sweet potatoes will generally vary from Ksh.5000 when there is a supply glut to Ksh.9000 when there is less supply.

Sweet Potato Harvested in Kenya
Sweet Potato Harvested in Kenya

Manage your costs

Managing sweet potato planting costs will generally lead to greater profitability in your sweet potato farming venture. Some of the costs that you should manage include land preparation costs, sweet potato vines procurement costs, planting and harvesting costs.

Facts About Kenya Sweet Potato Vines in Kenya

Planning to order your sweet potato vines from us? Here are some useful facts about our vines:

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  • We supply both yellow fleshed and orange fleshed sweet potato (OFSP) in Kenya.
  • None of our sweet potato vines are genetically modified or are GMOs. We sell 100% organic and natural sweet potatoes. We generally grow our sweet potatoes under 100% organic conditions without fertilizers or chemicals. The sweet potato produce from our vines are generally large to medium sized with an elliptical shape that can be easily packed in bags for sale or transportation.
  • One of the most important aspects of our varieties is that you can plant them easily without the need for fertilizers or pesticides although we suggest a crop rotation after at least one to two planting seasons. We supply clean and healthy vines that do not contain any pests and diseases from both our sweet potato farms and sweet potato multiplication centres. They just need good soils and rainfall and will do well even without fertilizers.
  • After you place an order for sweet potatoes from our farms, we will deliver within three days. If you order less than 20 bags, we can deliver within 24 to 48 hours.
  • We supply the strongest and healthiest vine stems for replanting. You can keep them for several days or even weeks before planting them.
  • We sell both the orange fleshed and yellow fleshed sweet potato vines. While the orange fleshed is a new variety, the yellow fleshed variety has been around for decades and is currently the more commercially viable variety locally. For exports, the orange fleshed sweet potato should do well. Prices for the yellow fleshed sweet potatoes generally vary from Ksh.3500 to Ksh.7000 per 90Kg bag depending on the harvesting season.
  • One bag of sweet potato vines that we sell typically contains anywhere from 1200 to 1500 vines and is sufficient to plant several lines in your farm based on the width of your farm.
  • Currently, the yellow fleshed sweet potato vines goes for Ksh.1500 per bag.
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